Volunteer Guardians


Not everyone in Summit County has someone to help them when they are unable to make informed, responsible decisions for themselves. When an adult (someone over 18) can’t represent himself, speak on his own behalf, give informed consent, formulate and apply judgment, understand likely consequences of behavior, they will benefit from having a guardian. Volunteer Guardians enhance and empower the lives of those in our community!

About Volunteer Guardian Program


Under the leadership of Probate Judge, Elinore Marsh Stormer, Jewish Family Service recruits, screens and trains volunteer guardians to serve as caring advocates and surrogate decision makers. Volunteer Guardians do not have financial responsibility for the person, but may have to coordinate community resources when needed. By building a trusting, consistent relationship, Volunteer Guardians enhance and empower the lives of those in our community!


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What is Guardianship?


A guardianship is a trusting relationship in which one party, called a guardian, acts for an individual called the ward. The law regards the ward as incapable of managing his or her own person and/or affairs.







J.J. Mesko-Kimmich, LPC

Director of Volunteers
Phone: 330-867-3388, x583

Volunteer Guardian Program is a collaboration of local Summit County agencies, including:

  • Summit County Probate Court
  • Office of the County Executive
  • Jewish Family Service
  • Summit County Public Health
  • Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Service Board
  • Summit County DD